The 16,000 square foot molding area contains 30 injection molding machine that range from 65 tons to 610 tons with shot sizes from 1.7 ounces to 126 ounces allowing us to mold a wide variety of products. Our state-of-the-art machines provide precise repeatability from shot to shot and allow process monitoring on a multitude of process variables. Each of the machine stations is equipped with a high precision weigh scale to ensure count accuracy of product containers.

Management System

Precise utilizes an MRP software management system. The software is modular by design and is virtually paperless. Computer stations are available throughout the plant to provide users direct access to their areas of involvement. The Administrative module contains all of the nut and bolts information that drives the rest of the system such as BOM’s, Order Control, Scheduling, Purchasing and so on. The manufacturing area has access to the Shop Floor and Inventory Control modules which control part production by means of electronic work orders, issuing inventory and transferring inventory to specific plant locations. Shipping and Receiving modules are available to identify items to be shipped or received for current orders and purchases.

Inspection Lab

Our climate-controlled Inspection lab contains various forms of close tolerance contact and non-contact measuring devices. Product retains and support documentation from all product runs are stored here and in other staging areas for a minimum of 3 years. Although the bulk of product quality is the responsibility of our press operators, roving inspection is done on the machines at least every two hours to verify that our customer’s critical characteristics are being met.


Everything that we receive, produce, modify and ship contains a unique serial number that is used to identify all actions performed on an item during its entire life cycle. This type of control allows us to have a system that is compliant with stringent UL raw material traceability requirements. Full audit trail capability can also be viewed for any raw, WIP of finished goods inventory item in the system.

Mold Management

Molds are inventoried and stored on roll out storage racks. An overhead crane is able to pick the mold off the drawer and transport it to any press. Since the molds are also inventoried in the system as an object, the location of each mold can be determined with minimal effort. All molds are stored using a color coded system. Molds that are production ready are tagged green. Molds that require attention are tagged either yellow or red indicating that they need cleaned or repaired.


The flashpoint for Polyphenylene Sulfide materials (PPS) is extremely small. As a result, parts molded with these types of materials require deflashing. These machines, similar to a sand blaster, use polystyrene beads to clean excess flash from the parts. Sand would erode away too much of the parts but these .006”/.010” diameter beads remove the flash without any part deformity and allow us to run parts with holes down to .015”.

Pad Printing

We are now capable of doing “precise” pad printing work on small parts. As with our molding processes, we practice high quality standards in regard to our print jobs to give our customers what they want.